NCAA 2008 | 10/11/07

Sorry Kathy. Last night Chris came over with a birthday present--NCAA 2008. Awesome!!! We broke it in with a couple games and all of the beefs I had with the previous version have seemingly been fixed. Awesome!!! Thank you Chris!!! We split our first two games in offensive shootouts that were both extremely close. Awesome!!!

Tomorrow is the 12th so if any of you non-regular bloggers out there would like to take 12 pictures of your day I will post them along with mine. Please send captions too, or else I will have to make them up and I don't think you want people seeing "Here's me, fresh off a poop".

I leave for Bloomington tomorrow to meet up with Jamie, Chris and Miker. I'm excited to get out of here for a week even though my new computer is coming and I won't be able to do all the fun things you get to do with a new computer right away.

Yee Haw!


Jamie (Unknown)

Are you fucking kidding me. I already had to return the wireless controls and now I have to unwrap and return the video game. You people are leaving me nothing else to get you for your birthday.

BU (Unknown)


T-Chris (Unknown)

Sorry, Jamie!

Jamie (Unknown)

Just don't let it happen again (just kidding :))

SC (Unknown)

See, I avoid this type of problem by not getting him anything. It really cuts down on the hassle.



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