Bloomington | 10/14/07

In case you didn't know, I've been in Indiana since Friday hanging with Jamie, Chris, and Miker. On Friday, Mike picked me up from the airport and we found out my luggage was still in Memphis. Bummer. Upon our return to Bloomington we opened up the expansion pack of Apples to Apples and stayed up until around 3am playing all the cards in the deck. Dorks!

On Saturday we woke up (relatively) early and hit the town--a bagel shop with delicious cookies, a farmer's market with a fiddlin' band, and assorted other stores in the downtown area. I took a belated birthday dinner at a local brewery that night and indulged in some fries, tunas, potatoes, salads... near the end the airport dude called saying he had my suitcase here. We finished up and came back to Mike and Chris' apartment. Since we were up so late the night before we went to bed early.

On Sunday morning we hit up a fantastic diner before going back C&M's for some downtime. For lunch we went to some noodle place before we packed up Jamie's stuff and took her to the airport. Once Mike and I got back we sat around and watched poker before their friend Evan came over for another rousing game of Apples to Apples where Mike and I had a face-off after tying. Go Pythons!

12 of 12 to come once I figure out how to get these things off my iPhone.




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