Grilling Midwest Syle | 10/15/07

I slept in (because I'm vacation, duh) and then gave myself a quick tour of Indiana Stadium and vaunted Assembly Hall while Mike and Chris were in class. I caught the X BUS up to the Union area where I promptly got myself lost (thanks iPhone) before finally running into Mike. We met up with Chris after his Field Methods exam and got some lunch at a little pizza place called Mother Bear's, which reminded me a lot of Bodolino's, a place I used to frequent back in my college days. After lunch Chris and I hit the bookstore where I finally bought a case for my iPhone, got some Starbucks and then went shopping for meats to grill out.

Around 8pm we headed over to Chris' friend Louie's house for some grilling. Louie seemed to hate every team in every sport that I liked (except FSU) but I was willing to forgive him for rooting against the Cubs once I ate some of his homemade potato slices. My God Chompy. Chris had taken some fillets and wrapped them in bacon and peppercorn and between those, the potatoes and *ta-da* the chorizo I didn't think I would ever been hungry again.

We got back around 11:30pm and Mike and I set into a couple more games of You Don't Know Jack before it was bedtime. There are no close games in YDKJ and we split two games (both routs). Only one more full day before I have to go back to having a job. And dogs. Two dogs.


SC (Unknown)

I don't care how good anything is, you do not forgive anti-Cubs fans.

Mike (Unknown)

You didn't have the potatoes.



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