Last Hoorah | 10/16/07

Today was my last full day in Bloomingonion and at 8pm was my original reason for going. David Sedaris, unquestionably the greatest author of my (and likely your) generation, was speaking at the IU Auditorium. Since Mike had opera it was just me and Chris along with about 100,000 other people. Jamie had gotten me all of Sedaris' works on CD but his voice was so nasal I couldn't stand to listen to them. Last night it was a little bit better, not that I would have stormed out. He read some of his newer stories and they were really funny. There were some weird moments--you don't expect a petite gay man to utter the "N" word--but those were the funniest parts.

After the show we hit up Yogi's for some food and beer and watched some rugby. I have no idea how rugby is played but I do know I would not want to play it. It looks like kenpo with a football thrown in.

Earlier in the day, Mike and I played more YDKJ since our hiking expedition was rained out (well, was supposed to be rained out) before we met up with Chris & Co. for lunch. Everywhere in Bloomington seems to have delicious fries and it was nice not to eat at any chains (except Starbucks--don't worry) since that's practically all we have in Tallahassee.

I'm at the airport now for 12 hours of travel...because Detroit is totally on the way from Indianapolis to Memphis. Totally.


KBS (Unknown)

Man, my 80s music trivia moment didn't make the blog? Damn! That was the best part of my day! :)

Reauxbot (Unknown)

I'm jealous of your David Sedaris experience. He and sister Amy are fantastically funny in a borderline-obsence (sometimes from the other side of the border) fashion. I've only been able to see him "live" on The Late Show, but those appearances have been excellent.

Reauxbot (Unknown)

... In an effort to avoid admitting that "obsence" was a typo meant to be "obscene," I will consult with fellow word-creator Kathy Smiddick to determine if a definition can be created to match the success of "contriotious" (which, as anyone who's anyone knows, is defined as being against something from the start).

Mike (Unknown)

I can go back and edit your "new word" if you want. :)

For as much as I love David, I can't stand Amy--I just can't stand her. I don't find her to be clever at all, just random in an unfunny way. That's just me though.

I like your robot picture by the way.

KBS (Unknown)

Reauxbot! Clearly, obsence means obscene nonsense.

Tree (Unknown)

Sausages pic and now David Sedaris. Hmmm... maybe Mike's subconscious is trying to tell him something through the blog. Maybe it's confirming what we all assumed. And Amy was hilarious in "Strangers with Candy"

Mike (Unknown)

If hilarious means 100% unfunny, stupid, trite, and unwatchable then I agree completely.



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