Total Breakdown | 10/21/07

What a disappointing weekend. Chris and Tim whipped me in video game football, Elena overtook me as Pick 'Em leader, and FSU literally handed a win to Miami. The most devastating of these was FSU--the option attack will ultimately prevail in our video games and there is still half a season for me to make up two points on Elena (although with the way she's been picking that might be a tall order). FSU though is both terrible and without any hope for the future. There are no good future players on offense and I can't even fathom how bad they'll be once even the fair players (Fagg, Carr) leave. If I were them I'd apply for the draft now--there's truly no hope for even an ACC title and any thoughts of a National Championship are now laughable. FSU is the worst team in Florida. They're barely the best team in Tallahassee.

The problem is two-fold: there is no talented on the team--all of the good kids are elsewhere and while coaching and certainly make up for that (see USF, Rutgers, Kentucky, Kansas...) we do not have good coaching overall. Mickey Andrews still throws solid defense up there but you can see the weakness in the coaching by the CONSTANT penalties. Nothing says "FSU" like a three-and-out being lost on a personal foul or facemask. It's not like offsides--it's the blatant ones that invariable cause an automatic first down.

I need to find a new team to root for because unlike the Cubs, my faith does not spring eternal for the Seminoles. For the love of God, give me something to root for. Lose every game by 60 for all I care--but TRY. Line up five wide receivers each down. Play like men and actually try to win instead of trying not to lose because if you're going to lose anyway (you are), you might as well at least go nuts.


Jamie (Unknown)

Don't give up on them yet honey...there's always next year :) (and then the next, then the next...). They're the Seminoles! They'll be good again someday. And by the way, 3 days until I come home...hooray!!!!



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