Computer Update | 10/22/07

Now that I'm all settled in, I've officially cluttered up my new computer. There's nothing quite as a refreshing as starting up a new computer and watching how fast everything runs. You don't have old programs that you think you might one day in the future need (Finale 2001) but hesitate to delete because you just don't know--you don't have thousands of registry entries for the abandoned spyware programs that you hastily downloaded years ago. It's nice. But then you just go and clutter the new one up. That's where I'm at.

Since I have 200G fewer of hard drive space I'm trying hard to only keep the "mission critical" programs on there. Right now I only have the following: Dreamweaver (work), Photoshop CS3 (work), Filezilla (work), Settlers of Catan (fun), Finale 2005 (I have 2007 but it was so slow on my last machine I'm hesitant to put it on), Adobe Audition, Winamp, AIM, and Firefox. That's not too shabby right? I don't think I'm missing anything. On the external hard drive enclosure I have the remnants of my old computer: all the MP3s, TV shows, and all that noise.

I thought for a good fifteen minutes about what to write about today and this was the best I could do. Sorry.


KBS (Unknown)

No Word or Excel?

Mike (Unknown)

Oops. I have Word and Excel too. I never use those so I forgot about them. I also have Adobe reader for those pesky PDF files.

Tree (Unknown)

Yeah you SHOULD apologize! I shudder to see what would be on the blog if you went out and got some new socks & then wrote about the contents of the sock drawer.



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