Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers | 12/12/03

Man, I am one sick fish. I woke up around 11 today and felt a lot better than I did when I went to bed. Bryan Richards took me out to lunch today to Marie Livingstone, a steakhouse I'd never been to before. I must say, it was better in all ways than the Longhorn except for its "salad". Don't get me wrong, mushy lettuce is great but not with steak. Bryan bought, as it was payday, so that a really generous present. This afternoon I made a small change to the Mas N' Steel webpage, while fending off angry students via email. Two of my fish died today. One of them in a grotesque sort of way, his innards sucked out and eaten by other fish with the body and skin just hanging out on the bottom. With my general sickness, I was too grossed out to scoop him, but I need to do so before they eat the rest of him so I can bring what's left for a refund. Jamie and I did some Christmas shopping but the only thing I ended up with were five new fish. One of them is dead already because the PetCo scoop-guy slammed the hell out of it while trying to scoop it into the bucket. I did, however, get a "free" fish because my last replacement they didn't take back, so tomorrow I'll be adding no less than three more newbies to the tank. The tank could use a good cleaning, so I'll give it a try tomorrow if I feel better. If you haven't see the TV show Celebrity Poker, you should watch it. It's cute. There's a ridiculous amount of good TV on that you only get to see when you're sick. Did I mention how little I want to scoop that fish out? I wish I had a digital camera. I think I'd use it every day but I know I wouldn't. But still, I want one. One of my students used a bunch of livejournals as his links. While I'd feel bad if I quoted random strangers, I feel like I could at least do this:
[current mood]: Happy but sick
[current music]: Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers




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