Ow, my eye! | 10/23/07

Ok, I'm not sure what's going on with my left eye but it's something. Ever since I got back from my marathon trip from Memphis I haven't been able to wear my left contact without a problem. Once I got back I put my glasses on because I had my contacts in for a two days straight since I had none of my stuff with me in Memphis and my eyes were dry and tired. On Saturday I put my left contact in before getting some coffee and everything was cloudy. I got home and assumed the contact was dirty but lo and behold even when I took it out everything was all...fuzzy. It's like when you get some crap and everything's kind of hazy for a second until you blink it away...except it couldn't be blinked away. I could still see but everything looked like I was looking through really dirty glasses. I went back to bed for a few hours before Tim and Chris came over and when I woke up it was back to normal. I put my contacts back in to give it another shot but after about five minutes it was worse than ever. Once I put my glasses back on it slowly got better over the next six-eight hours. I decided I'd wear my glasses the next couple days.

I wore my glasses from Sunday until Tuesday night when I was supposed to go meet Ricky & Co. at Cabo's for AJ's birthday. Since I'm so vain, and pretty sure that song was about me, I put my contacts in. Viola! No haze at all. I got in the car and started driving. Since it was so dark out I didn't really notice it had again set in until I got to Cabo's and upon seeing it I went straight home to get my contacts out. I waited about an hour before I just went to bed since the bright white light of my computer monitor was driving me nuts.

This morning it's back to normal and I'm again wearing my glasses. With my glasses on, it's totally normal. Once my insurance starts (a month) I'm heading to the optometrist though because honestly it's kind of freaking me out.


Jamie (Unknown)

Maybe you peed in your contact case again ;)

SC (Unknown)

Jamie brings up a valid point. I get a similar problem too and it's always in my left eye. Last time I was at the optometrist, she told me I have less "something" in my eye that causes it to try out quicker than my right one. This creates the haze, the eye infections, and the occasional times I look like I have pink eye. You usually have to go for about a week without glasses and you need to frequently use eye drops to combat the problem. Or, you could have a tiny chunk of contact still in your eye, which I was worried about, because two of mine broke in that eye, even though they were new. Alright, my longest post ever.

Mike (Unknown)

We can rule out peeing in the contact case (again). I had no contact case in Memphis to pee into.

I will wear my glasses for a full week--that's not an issue but the eye drops just make it worse when it's hazy. I think you're on the right track though because that eye is particularly dry.

Tree (Unknown)

"Tell us more about the sock drawer, Kelso." I'm assuming you're using non-disposable soft lenses. Perhaps they need a good scrubbing / more solution, and you should probably wash your case and you could have had some crud on your fingers. In my 12 years of wearing disposable contacts, I haven't had any problems, other than cooking stove sparks or cigarette ash burned into it, which must be disposed of. You also could have had mucus or hair or lint in the eye as well, or some kind of bacteria. Id flush out the eye if you could.



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