Tag Wednesday! | 10/24/07

Since Kathy has now joined the Blogosphere and given me one more person to tag, I thought it would be a perfect time for a Tag Wednesday! So, let's get down to it (and bookmark Kathy's blog while you're at it). Since there was some confusion last time, when tagged you are to replace words that appear in bold. This Tag Wednesday is to announce your political campaign.

Dear Fellow Americans,
I am writing to inform you of my decision to run for the post of Supreme God And Lord of the Chompy And Ab Party. We are in need of some serious changes like exiling former Republican presidents and sending the homeless to Mexico. These changes are not possible without a leader who is embarrassingly handsome, ignorant to the plight of the common man, and ambidextrous. I will call for a complete reform of the penal system because it's simply not fair that inmates get work out all day while the rest of us work all day. Once of the greatest threats facing our country is obesity and I will address this issue once and for all by simply making the rest of the world obese so no one will notice us. To achieve this goal I am asking for both your support and bank accounts (preferably checking).

Thank you and I will see you at the pep rally in Key West.

I tag...Kathy, Brian, T-Chris, and our Pick 'Em leader, Elena.


Tree (Unknown)

Too afraid to tag me, eh? That's probably a wise decision.



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