Entering on a jet plane | 10/25/07

Yesterday was one of those blink and the workday is done kind of days. And that's fine with me. After work I trotted over to RD to see the late-working version of the gang to show off the new iPhone. Christine had already seen it, but Kurt hadn't yet. I am now a member of the elite iPhone club along with the other 1.4 million people who don't live in Tallahassee.

After work I went home, took an accidental nap, and cleaned up while watching the Virginia Tech/Boston College game. Wow. That was a game! Boston College was getting their collective ass handed to them by the Hokies until, with two minutes left, BC said, "hey, we need to stop sucking" and unlike FSU when they say that, they actually did. By the time the game ended (14-10) it was time to go retrieve Jamie from the airport. We got back around 1am and, since Adult Mike goes to bed early, I immediately crashed into bed and fell asleep after opening some belated birthday presents. Go State!

More of the gang flies in tomorrow! Awesome!




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