FSU Homecoming 2007 | 10/28/07

For Homecoming Jamie, Marty, and Amy all came back into town for a few nights of fun and revelry. I picked up Jamie on Thursday night and on Friday night we hit up Andrews and saw "everyone" while Chris slung drinks at the Downtown Get-Down. While there we saw the worst band in the world and downed Chrischers of beer. I had to park about four million miles away so we stuck around with Superteacher Marty, Ian & Renee later than I would expect those of us in the working class to stay up.

On Saturday Jamie spent most of the day with her family and we met up with Tim before bailing on Chris & Gang before the game. We parked in our secret location that's only a few blocks away from the stadium and watched FSU pile up almost 600 total yards on Duke. For almost 600 yards, walking away with only 22 points was a little disappointing but nothing describes FSU football like disappointing. At least the two key criteria were met--we won, and it wasn't a close game. After the game we went back to my house while traffic cleared out and watched the end of the Arizona State/Cal game. Ugly Pick 'Em Weekend again. Pick 'Em Master Elena and I are tied with only about four weeks to go. Should be interesting.

On Sunday Jamie and I did a whole lot of nothing, including getting the dogs toe nails clipped at PetSmart and wolfing down Gordo's before her flight. On my way back from dropping Jamie off at the airport I stopped at Target to get some new blinds and picked up a copy of Al Gore's movie. It was only $7 so I figured I would see what all the fuss was about. Happy Homecoming!


Jamie (Unknown)

You forgot to mention the award winning lunch I made for you on Saturday. Thanks for a great weekend honey!

Mike (Unknown)

It's true--that was some awarding winning Japanese chicken.

SC (Unknown)

Thought I'd give you a different hit location today.



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