The Option | 10/29/07

As you can see, our College Pick 'Em Group has been whittled down to, in my opinion, six people. You can pick up 15 points on someone in a good week and with four weeks left I don't think anyone who is more than 60 points out has a shot. The people in brown still might have a shot, including football scholar T'ville Tim, but would require a Flutiesque performance. ATLMike will likely determine which side of the fence he's on after next week. That leaves the mostly-Tallahassee group: me, Elena, P-Chris, and Jamie. Eric G. always makes a big comeback at the end and always loses so I'm really concerned about everyone else. Elena has been out-picking me consistently for the past three weeks and although I edged her by a point last week I have no confidence in winning against her. Jamie has slipped a bit and Chris V. won last week and is now poised to overtake everyone. I love Pick 'Em and I especially love this part in the "season". I just need to find someone to root for and I'll be in business.


P-Chris (Unknown)

Root for Hawaii. I mean hell why not.



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