An Inconvenient Truth | 10/30/07

Last night I watched An Inconvenient Truth. I think the only way it would qualify as a "fantastic" movie is if you were totally unaware of any environmental issues or a Republican. If you're reasonably in the know of any environmental issues then it simply confirms all of your worst fears. The graphs Mr. Gore takes us through are pretty frightening and I would consider the data to be conclusive. Particularly disheartening is the 600,000 year old core sample of Antarctic ice that shows the amount of damage we've done in this sliver of time at the tail end. Not much of the movie surprised me and you blog readers are a pretty educated, smart crowd, I doubt much of it would surprise you either. The jabs at the current administration were cute and hearing Al Gore speak at length, movie or not, reminded me what we could have had eight years ago. Even if he's a little robotic (he is) and pretentious (he is), at least he's smart. He strikes me as the kind of person that would have the "These Colors Don't Run (The World)" bumper sticker but that's fine.

It gives me an idea for a new website so stay tuned...


Jamie (Unknown)

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