Years Past | 11/01/07

In years past I would have defaced the graphic of the opposing team before a big FSU game and devoted a whole entry to the many ways FSU would win. With each passing year those entries have gotten shorter and shorter and this year I'm not even going to deface Matt Ryan. I don't think it's a question if FSU is going to lose, it's by how much. The problem, of course, is that FSU will take it on the chin from teams like UAB but then step up against good teams. Last year they *almost* beat Florida despite being absolutely atrocious. This year they're arguably worse but stepped up against Alabama and Colorado. BC is better than either of those teams but after watching them almost lose to Virginia Tech I think a good team could beat them. Too bad FSU isn't a good team.

I'm probably going to have to work both days this weekend which is unfortunate. I feel like Ricky two months ago. Go State!


Jamie (Unknown)

Go Noles! I have 1 point on FSU :)

P-Chris (Unknown)

Go Noles! BC was less than impressive but then again they have probably used up their luck for the close ones.



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