Way to go Chris | 11/02/07

Congratulations to Chris Green, the newest Ph.D Linguistics candidate at the University of Indiana. He was unanimously approved for the program as was his dissertation-to-be: Sexual Undertones of the Bi-Labial Click.

I'm working all weekend except for a few hours on Saturday while Tim and T-Chris dismember me in football and BC dismembers FSU in "football".

I have a totally different playlist on Winamp at work so I can branch out my tastes. Here's what I've learned so far: Bob Dylan has some absolutely terrible songs and there were a lot of Hendrix tunes I didn't know. That's all I got.

Whey two go Chris!


Jamie (Unknown)

Yay Chris, and Go Noles!

K-Chris (Unknown)

Hooray! Thanks for the congrats! I'll pitch that thesis topic to my committee and let you know what they think. Oh yeah, and it's Indiana University...I don't University of Indiana even exists. Thanks again!

Mike (Unknown)

Oops. I promise I knew that.

SC (Unknown)




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