Hail To The Victors | 11/04/07

Although I am very, very happy that I lost the seven points I had on Boston College, I am now soundly in second place behind Elena The Pick 'Em Goddess. Jamie won the week and now, with a mere two weeks to go, it's on. There are six of us still clustered at the top and it's really going to come down to the last week--the rivalry week. Not that points can't be won or lost until then, they obviously can, but Rivalry Week and Conference Championship Week will really force you to make some touch choices. Which FSU team is going to show up against Florida? The one that beat BC or the one that literally handed the game to Miami?

I ran a lot of errands over the weekend and worked a lot too. On Saturday Chris came over and we played some imaginary football before watching FSU stick it to Boston College. Did Weatherford look good or what? And the defense--wow. Go State! You're Bowl Eligible now so you don't have to worry about beating Maryland or Virginia Tech but if the good version of your team shows up, you have a really good chance. Awesome!




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