Black-Eyed Peas(es of Sh*t) | 12/13/03

I think I'm done being sick now. I did, however, manage to cough up Gumby as I woke up, in case you were looking for him. Jamie and I shopped around for Chris' graduation present but I skipped his party due to my illness. I attempted to clean the aquarium but the siphon stopped working about halfway through and now the tank is absolutely disgusting while all the old crap and fish bodies settle back into the gravel. I also discovered that the Fluval filter is no longer working. I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but it's not working. Tomorrow I have a gig with Matt and Jara and then the rest of my day will be focused upon getting that filter to work. We stumbled upon a nice fish store on Pensacola Street but I need to have more $$$ and a better established tank before I want to try a 10"+ in my little tank. Hah, little. A fish committed suicide by leaping out of the tank and we only found the body yesterday. The problem is that his body ended up inside the cabinet beneath the tank. How the HELL did it get there? The leading theory is that it jumped out the back and flopped into the cabinet. The problem, of course, is that it would have had to have survived the fall, and somehow landed in the small opening into the cabinet (the opening is blocked by the filter). Anyway, we don't know how it wound up in the cabinet. I brought him with three dead friends back to PetCo. Even though I schmoozed the teenage-fish-scooper about his stupid tank, he still made me pay for a fish-upgrade. Had anyone else been working, I definitely would have gotten it for free. I managed to get four massive loads of laundry done tonight. I also saw the very first ever funny South Park episode last night. Haha, Raisins. Here's one more livejournal shout. Last one, I promise.
[current mood]: Damn Tired
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