No Sympathy | 11/07/07

I know you have no sympathy for me--I have no sympathy for you in the summer. Please know that it is damn cold down here in the mornings. Both this morning and yesterday morning it was only 38F. Before you start thinking/saying "Oh big deal it's XX here..." take into consideration that I have paid my dues. When I was living in Milwaukee there were days I would walk to school when there would be two feet of glacier on the sidewalk and with the wind chill coming of Lake Michigan it would feel like, and I mean literally, -40F. It hurt to be outside and that was through an undershirt, t-shirt, sweater,sweatshirt, zip-up hoodie, and a coat. I've paid my dues, believe you me. That said, I've been shaking as I walk to me car in the mornings because I'm so cold. Granted, it's not Milwaukee cold but it certainly feels similar since the temperatures are so much hotter proportionately.


T-Chris (Unknown)

"It's chilly this morning. I'm soooo cold." (said, of course, in *THE* voice with the *THE* hand know what I'm talkin' about)

Mike (Unknown)

Are you feeling better yet? I need to play some football.

SC (Unknown)

You served some of your time. But now that I live on the lake, I can talk about you being a wuss. Plus, even when it is like 70, you still ask if you need a jacket. That's way outside the realm of a break we can give you since you've gone soft in Florida. Why did you delete my comment from yesterday?

Jamie (Unknown)

Snow flurries expected tomorrow in DC (I heard someone saying that on the bus) was a high of about 45...miserable! I don't know how I'm going to survive the winter (and it's not even close to Chicago, Milwaukee, Bloomington, etc.). Oh Florida, I miss you!

Mike (Unknown)

I didn't delete your comment--what did it say?



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