Screen Writers Strike | 11/08/07

I just wanted to voice my support for the striking screen writers right now. If it weren't for their abundant talent, incising wit, and cunning skills, we wouldn't have hilarious shows like Saturday Night Live (hysterical), Two and a Half Men (hysterical), and syndicated Simpsons (hysterical). It is the drawing power of these dedicated men and women who, through the power of their words, make each and every one of us sit on our couches and watch TV instead of doing whatever it is we should be doing. It's easy to heap praise on them for shows like 30 Rock, Ghost Whisperer, and Walker Texas Ranger but don't forget about the little guys--the one writing the insanely funny lines of Howie Mandel on Deal or No Deal? Or the ones who write the insightful commentary for the host of any bloopers show? If you haven't done so go and please, please, thank a screen writer for their work.




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