It's On! | 11/10/07

Another week, another series of bizarre outcomes to our Pick 'Em games. This week's results were essentially the reverse of the total standings, with everyone "in it" appearing at the bottom of the week's rankings. Even though there have been some tough weeks, I really like last week's picks were the most difficult. I would have felt comfortable picking all upsets...but when you're behind you can't do that. The most shocking game (I think) was Miami get whomped in a 38-0 loss in their last game in the Orange Bowl. I try to pick the team that has more to play for and I thought for sure the sentiment, coupled with UVa's best player being out for the season, would result in a Miami win. Oops.

In other news, Chris plays killer offense. Tim plays killer defense. I lose a lot. Chris and I played the best sloppy game of all time (not to be confused with the sloppiest game of all time nor the best game of all time) as the last one of the night--a triple overtime slopfest with both of us trying our absolute best to let the other person win. It was eerily reminiscent of the FSU vs. Penn State Orange Bowl. Regardless, the two of them handed me my ass all day (until around 10:30p).

Virginia Tech really stuck it to the third string FSU squad last night in the fourth quarter. Considering it was quite literally the third string, they played pretty well and I think Christian Ponder could be the man...I'm not sure I'd want my first game to be against Virginia Tech either so I'll cut him some slack on the mistakes. For a freshman, though, I think he's already demonstrated more skill and maturity than either Lee or Weatherford. Start the kid now! We're going to lose anyway so we might as well start preparing for next year by getting him some tough snaps now.




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