Praying For Rain | 11/14/07

In case you don't live down here, we're experiencing a very lengthy drought. I can't tell you the last time it even sprinkled--but it was months ago. In Georgia it has gotten so bad that Governor Sonny Purdue has decided it's time to pray for rain. As someone who is not very religious, I can't believe the resistance he's getting. His people are thirsty! The way I see it, there is absolutely no harm at all in assembling a multi-religious group to get together and pray for rain. You should probably have all the religions there though not only for political reasons but because scientists are not in consensus that it is indeed Brahma that controls the opening of the clouds. As Tim said last Saturday, "get a freaking Buddha in there". Anyway, it's not like politicians don't spend money on things you don't agree with every second of every day so even if you're not religious just shut up about this. I hear so much of it I can help but draw a relationship to Al Sharpton--if you just shut up about the things that didn't matter when you did open your mouth people might actually take you seriously: there are enough conflicts of church and state to let it go. So suck it up, and let it go.

Pet Peeve of the Day: When there is a double-out in a parking lot (one for right turns, one for left) and you're trying to turn right. Someone then comes up in the left lane ALL the way up and blocks your view to see if you can get it.

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Mike (Unknown)

Tree (Unknown)

Apparently Gov. Sonny has never heard of La Nina or, whose maps shown show another extremely dry season coming up. Science wins over Religion every time.



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