Barry Bonds The Liar | 11/15/07

On my list of people not to lie to, the US Government is #1. Apparently, Barry Bonds did not have them on his list. Yesterday he was indicted for perjury for lying about his steroid use. Even though it dominated every sports-related site/show, who cares? Was there anyone who believed him when he said he didn't knowingly take steroids? Except for a small sect of poor black people--the same ones who blindly supported Michael Vick and think every time a famous black dude gets in trouble it's racist--no one did. It's almost funny to me that people think this is a race issue. You don't see people supporting Mark McGuire do you? Sure, he's not in the limelight but only because he's out of the game. You really think he's going to be voted into the Hall of Fame? Hell no. And it's not because anyone has a problem with red-headed white guys--it's because he's a damn cheater just like Bonds. Unless you're Bill Belichick, you can't cheat. And believe me, I would love to see him banned from the game for cheating too. You get paid millions of dollar a month and there's no question about the rules. Everyone has access to a copy. Stop cheating, and maybe we fans will stop hating you.

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SC (Unknown)

Wait, so you don't get bigger and stronger naturally as you get older? Shocking.

Mike (Unknown)

I do.

SC (Unknown)

I don't know about stronger...

Mike (Unknown)

Ouch dude.

SC (Unknown)

Man, you know I can't comment on that with any sort of sincerity. Go back to actually working.

Tree (Unknown)

It's not really a race issue, but more of a San Francisco Giants fan issue. Their fans are delusional and they’ll support any cheater if it helps them win games. And you lose points for misspelling “McGwire”. And I know St. Louis Cardinals fans who say he never ‘roided & that he belongs in the HOF. Don’t ever not put it past fans who will support their superstar, no matter how big of a cheater, liar, dopehead, druggie, wife-beating murderer they are. And that’s a classic Bonds pic: over-sized melon head, veins sticking out of his steroid arm muscles and a beer gut.



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