Going Green | 11/18/07

First of all, I'd like to say I walked to work today. It's about 1.5m and that's right, I walked it. It took about 15 minutes and while I wouldn't say it felt good, it wasn't as painful as I was anticipating either. In other news, the Taurus won't start (again).

With only two weeks left in College Pick 'Em, we've all moved into safe mode. Elena picked up a point on me as everyone who picked Hawaii for a lot got the Lucky Break of The Week. Except for Jamie, the "leaders" all put between -1 (Nevada) and 4 on Hawaii and we were almost right. Alas. The next two weeks are going to be hard because the Utah States and Notre Dames aren't going to be playing the LSUs and West Virginias. Just taking a glance at next week's picks, they're all pretty tough except for maybe FSU at Florida. Sorry Noles, I need a win.

On Saturday, with Chris at Baltimore to cuddle with Marty, Tim and Ricky came over for NCAA Football and...vacuuming. Ricky just got one of those Animal Death Dysons and I wanted to see it in action against the Death Valley of Vacuums. My last vacuum quite literally was smoking as it choked on the volume of dog fur. I'll cut to the chase right now: get a Dyson if you don't have one. Yes, the cannister had to be emptied after cleaning two stairs. But, and believe me I tried to find some, there was no dog fur anywhere that vacuum passed. Yes, it took three passes and a dozen emptyings but my stairs were sans fur when it was done. I'll tell you this, that's what Chompy is getting me for Christmas.


P-Chris (Unknown)

I think its really down to you and Elena. watch out, she's sneaky.

P-Chris (Unknown)

we have a dyson and it is wonderful, as long as you clean the filter from time to time. especially if your dogs have long white hair.

Jamie (Unknown)

Is this the last week? I think it's finally hitting me that I have no chance of catching up...boo :( Good luck honey!!

Mike (Unknown)

There are two weeks left--and people typically score within 15 points of each other so today's graphic includes anyone within 30 points. And with the tough picks this week who knows. I am very aware of Elena's craftiness though.

Mike (Unknown)

Those picks are HARD. Seriously, the spread for almost every game is 3 and the ones that aren't should be too.



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