Happy 4th Blogiversary! | 11/20/07

Happy Birthday Chompblog. It's hard to believe it's been four years since I envied Brian's popularity to the point where I decided to make my own blog and hosted you on the FSU server as part of the Mas N' Steel site. It seems like just yesterday I was pointing and clicking to make you "work" and hiding links as periods at the bottom of the page to see if I could get you indexed. I remember teaching "web design" at FSU and only knowing how to make a link. I remember Brian advising "just type <peon /> and that will win over all the people who know more than you do". Who knew that almost 1500 days later I would have written downloadable PHP classes and XML parsers that chop through millions of records a day and could make a fully database-driven website in about an hour using only notepad. I also can't say when exactly I raised my expectations from "hooray, someone visited my site other than me today" (2004) to "I wonder why traffic dipped to under 200 people today?" (now) but it happened.

In honor of the four year blogiversary, here are some uninteresting statistics you might find uninteresting.
· I first put up a stat counter on January 13, 2004 and since then the blog has been viewed 58,612 times.
·: The blog ranks in the top ten in Google (and gets a lot of traffic from): U2 sucks, manpower sucks, ecolab sucks, teksystems sucks, clemson sucks, sibelius sucks, why u2 sucks, bono sucks, delta sucks, and (ta-da) ford sucks.
· Each month, over 700 terms are used to get here.
· After Google Images, the largest referrer of traffic is the Urizone.
· The most inappropriate comment was left by a KKK-affiliate and was promptly deleted.
· The most views in one day was 662, on September 19th of this year, the day I wrote about my brother getting hit by a baseball.

Share your favorite Chompblog moments below! Please.


KBS (Unknown)

Happy Birthday, Chompblog! I want to see more pictures of Chompy. That is all.

Mike (Unknown)

Speaking of blogs, aren't you due for an update?

T-Chris (Unknown)

Happy 4th b-day, Chompblog. I agree with KBS: more Chompy pics.

SC (Unknown)

I like to think I had everything to do with that high in hits the Chompblog got.



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