Thanksgiving | 11/22/07

Happy post-Thanksgiving. I want your pictures, so send them to me. With Jamie in town for the long weekend (not for me, but for her and everyone else on the planet), we went over to a family friend's house for a pretty fair Thanksgiving. The company was pretty hot-cold and the three people ate dinner with should all be exiled just for being the way they are. Because we always went to my grandparent's farm for Thanksgiving growing up my standards for the meal are exceedingly high and last night's...well, let's just say not quite up there. After the "feast" Jamie and I went back to my house to bicker over if Kathy really had attended WVU and watch USC/ASU and Grey's Anatomy. I only caught the last five minutes of Grey's and I was quickly reminded why I hadn't watched it since the days of Chris and Michael. That show is ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, why can't anyone spell that word? I think I see misspelled more times than any other word.

With the Taurus in the shop I walked to work again today and I thought I had frostbite on my fingers because it was so cold. That's right--45. While I know I don't have frostbite my fingers still hurt for a good fifteen minutes after getting here. In other news, before she went home, Jamie said last night she was going to Target at 6am today. I'm curious to know if she actually went. And if so what she bought me.


KBS (Unknown)

I really did attend WVU and have a transcript to prove it! Should such proof be necessary, please make a check out to me in the amount of $200 and I will send you a barely legible photocopy. :)

Jamie (Unknown)

I believe it now. Mike likes to make me believe things that aren't true, but I guess he was being honest this time. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tree (Unknown)

You know what's ridiculous? Celebrating Thanksgiving on a Wednesday blog entry. And you know what else is ridiculous? Black Friday.

Mike (Unknown)

In case you haven't noticed in the past four years, I update a day after the actual date. How else would I know what I did?



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