Need Motivation | 11/27/07

Since yesterday's entry got so much feedback, I wrote out a madlibs function so now I can toss them in there more regularly so you won't have to read about Chris beating me at football or FSU losing nearly as much. Cool dude.

A few days ago, Brian wrote about November of 1997. I don't know how he can remember with that much detail because I certainly can't. I was a freshman in college but I don't "remember" it as much as I "know" it to be true. It's frightening to think that was ten years--it feels more like five. I've been trying to break up my life different eras to help me place things chronologically and this is what I've got so far:

Unknown Period (Age 0-7): I really remember almost nothing from that span.

Good School Period (Elementary School): I remember a lot about elementary school and they were all pretty positive memories. Unhappy Period (Grade 5-12): I was just generally unhappy during that period of time.

Rebound Period (College, Grad School): Very happy, except for my freshman year of college I remember a lot of it.

Poker Period (2003-now): It sounds ridiculous but poker really has been the most constant thing since I entered the "work" world. The time has gone by the fastest here and when I'm on my deathbed I'll be able to pinpoint the exact years that were completely and totally wasted.





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