Big Blue | 11/28/07

6:00pm yesterday: I call AAA to schedule a tow to the mechanic at 6am this morning. I am told AAA is only for emergencies and to call back again tomorrow morning an hour before I need to have it towed.

5:45am: I call AAA to schedule a tow for 7am so it can be at the mechanic by 8. I am told because this is not an emergency they can't schedule a future assistance call. I tell them I have ESP and that I'm about to have an emergency in 75 minutes. They do not believe me.

7:00am: I call AAA with an emergency and tell them I will need a tow truck immediately. They tell me someone will be there between 7:40am and 9:30. My ESP told me to expect that bullsh*t.

Happy Thursday!


SC (Unknown)

That car looks way too clean to actually be yours...

Mike (Unknown)

Well duh.



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