A is for Ax Wound | 12/15/03

Today was a fun day. Tonight was the first Pot Roast Night. Earlier in the afternoon, Mike brought over his fish tank, so Jamie can do all the feedings over the break at one location (my house). It's a cute little tank, chock full of little baby neons and tetras. So far none of died, which is good of course. I think I might get Mike a belated Christmas-Pleco. I'll let him name it, because Dr. Suck and Chris Rix both suggest my prowess at fish-naming. Now, I know what you're thinking--what ever happened to that leopard fish? Well, he's dead, obviously. The good news, if there's any good news, is that I found his body. He was apparently murdered by his/her lover for not wanting to make. I found his body eventually behind one of the underground filter tubes. The tank's water now, by the way, is pristine. Anyway, Pot Roast night went off well. Kathy's pot roast was crazy good and sadly, there are no leftovers for me to eat. After dinner, Jamie and The Ab came over and we played some Texas Hold Em. Man, I suck at poker. Thank god we weren't playing for money because I was out right away. Kathy and Jamie were the big winners and Theory-Chris did considerably better than me but was also knocked out by the girls. After everyone left, Jamie and I watched the end of Silence of the Lambs. I give the movie a solid 10/10 and Anthony Hopkins is nothing short of amazing.
"A is for ax wound." -Marty




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