Back 2 Back | 12/02/07

As your 2007 College Pick 'Em (Back to Back) Champion, I would first like to thank Appalachian State because had it not been for you guys upsetting Michigan I would not be here. Secondly, I'd like to thank Hawai'i because they were always good to put 18 points on, especially in weeks where the spread on every other game was between 0 and 3. Finally, I'd like to thank God because with Him there is no way all of these #2 teams lose and as we all know, I earn my Pick 'Em points not by picking the winning team, but having fewer points riding on the games. So what does this victory mean to you? That when in casual conversation and I mention how good/bad a team is you have to listen to me and not talk stupid about how good Ohio State (or any Big Ten) school is. It means when I when I say "West Virginia is totally for real" and then they lose to Pitt at home on national TV you are not allowed to say "I told you so". Special congratulations to Elena, who finished a close second!


SC (Unknown)

How about those Illini playing in the Rose Bowl? Oh well, I'm sure the weather will be much nicer at the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl...and FSU will actually have a chance of winning.

KBS (Unknown)

Hooray for football season being almost over.

Jamie (Unknown)

Congrats honey. And boo for football season being almost over.

Elena (Unknown)

Awww thanks Mike :)

Mike (Unknown)

I had to give credit where credit was due...I mean you were the only person capable of beating me. Were there other people other than us even trying?


Elena (Unknown)

ooooh burn! But totally true! We rock!!



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