Political Weigh-In | 12/03/07

Originally for this post I was going to take a picture of some dog crap and then photoshop a little name tag on it that read: Hi! My Name Is: Mohammad but then the Sudan freed the school teacher so I was left without an entry.

Speaking of things, that my dogs leave in the backyard, that brings me to politicians. I heard Mit Romney on NPR yesterday and I immediately thought two things: I absolutely hate everything you stand for and thank God you'll never beat Hillary. I officially crossed Guiliani off my list yesterday, which was too bad because he was the front-runner. When he was asked if he believed in "every word" of the bible he made a couple hedging remarks but the fundamental answer was yes and you KNOW he doesn't. This was a non-issue for me before but good God man, stand up for yourself and say no. Mit Romney of course said yes--can I come stone your wives Mit? All of them?

Since I'm not voting for the machinesque Hillary that really only leaves me Obama. Giuliani was the only person running who I actually WANTED to be president so now I'm back to settling back between the people I don't want and who will do the least amount of damage...and I think that's Obama.

In other news, Jamie and I got tickets to the Gaylord Hotels and Yellow Cab Taxi Music City Bowl Sponsored By MasterCard With Special Consideration Of The Generous Contributions of Cingular-Now-AT&T-Now-With-More-Bars.


Jamie (Unknown)


SC (Unknown)

Did you hear how Hillary used an essay that Obama wrote in Kindergarten to try to prove he was lying?

Mike (Unknown)

I hope you're kidding but fear you aren't.

SC (Unknown)

Click my initials for the full story, straight from her website.

BU (Unknown)

You can still write me in. PORK FOR MUSIC MAJORS.



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