Guitar Hero | 12/04/07

Ok, I broke. I bought Guitar Hero I for myself along with a wireless guitar over the weekend. I am now, officially, no better than a swarm of boy-hungry 13 year old girls. I have to say though, it's pretty darn fun. I figured since I'd played the game last Christmas with Steve and a handful of times with Ricky, I could just jump right in on "Hard" mode. Everything was going fine until I got to Killer Queen which is a song I knew pretty well. It took about a half-dozen tries to "beat" it in and after coasting until the last set I'm not stuck on SRV's Texas Flood. SRV has a special place in my heart since he was really popular amongst my college friends so hearing the songs remind me of really good times.

The biggest problem with the game is you can't hammer-on or pull-off. There are songs I can play handily on the real guitar that I can't on GH simply because it's impossible to individually pluck these long successions of notes. Not even ohn McLaughlin could do some of those.

Tomorrow I will post the winners of the Christmas-List Challenge so stay tuned.


SC (Unknown)

Yeah, I forgot about Texas Flood. That can be a killer, but as you said, it is a great song.

Mike (Unknown)

I really need to proofread these entries before I post them.



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