Oh Man! | 12/05/07

Yesterday the Cubs finally, and I do mean finally, got rid of Will "Bad" Ohman. Few people match their last name quite so well--it was always a "bad ohman" for the Cubs whenever he came in to pitch. I didn't realize this until yesterday but apparently when he got demoted to AAA Iowa he said it was because he was hurt. This came as a surprise to everyone else, who just assumed he really sucked. Turns out, he just sucked and after becoming a "pariah" in the clubhouse they finally let him go to the Braves along with some Ronny Cedeno Jr. for another minor league pitcher who will do great in AA and then go 1-9 with a 17.40 ERA in 10 games in the majors.

On the bright side, at least we're not the White Sox, who can't seem to sign any player regardless of how much money they try to throw at him. That's a sad situation right there--you just won the World Series a few years ago and now, after getting rid of everyone with any talent, you can't even trade for someone good because you have no one at all to trade for them. On the bright side there's only like eight White Sox fans worldwide so it's not like anyone is going to notice--except for White Sox haters.


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