Giuliani / Crist? | 12/06/07

I heard on NPR this morning Giuliani would ask Florida Governor Charlie Crist to be his vice president. If Giuliani gets the Republican nod and does in fact ask Charlie Crist, they would have my vote. Loyal democrat or not, Crist has done a great job in his short time as governor. I like that when he doesn't know an answer he just says "I don't know". He doesn't try to answer some other question or bullsh*t an answer he just says he doesn't know. I'm trying to think of who Obama would have to choose for me to vote for them instead...maybe Robert Plant?

I hope Mit Romney gets hit by a bus, along with anyone would vote for him. If Romney (or Huckabee) were to be the next president I would expatriate. I hate Huckabee but at least he's more honest with us (and himself) about who he is (someone I hate) and because of that I won't wish death upon him. Romney is just...something else. He's a shape-shifting I-am-religious,I-am-not-religious in your classical politician way. He just says what gets him votes and if a Gallup Poll tomorrow determined Americans wanted a sumo-wrestler as president Romney would eat himself into the race. I can't stand him for the same reason I can't stand Hillary--they're both just so power-hungry that they've lost track of being a human being. Neither of them can ever answer anything honestly or give an answer without spinning the question into something unrelated more in line with their "focus".

Bus drivers unite! Hit Romney and his voters!


BU (Unknown)

But, but... Huckabee is endorsed by Chuck Norris!

Mike (Unknown)

Charlie Daniels is endorsing Fred Thompson. I'd make a joke about the devil going to Tennessee but he's probably not there right now.



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