Best Advice in the World | 12/09/07

In 28 years of living, I have concluded that there is a single piece of advice that, when followed, can solve any problem and get you through anything. Friends, I'm going to share with you that advice right now: Suck it the f* up. Just suck it up. So you have to work over the weekend instead of being able to sit around and do nothing? Big deal--just suck it up. You're losing by like six touchdowns to Chris in NCAA football--just suck it up. You stubbed your toe while trying to carefully step over your dog and now it really hurts--just suck it up. You think you're the only one with problems? You don't know how good to you have it and how many millions of people would cut off their left arm to be you. Is your life perfect? Hell no, which is all the more reason just to suck it up and be grateful for all the things that you do have going for you. No one likes a complainer and, here's a little secret, with the exception of: your mom, your significant other (sometimes), and your dog(s), no one could care less about your complaining. Now that you know no one cares, just stop it. You're entitled to three-five seconds of freak-out but then, at that point, you just need to suck it the f* up and take care of business.

Today's entry brought to you be the f-word!


T-Chris (Unknown)

But I like to complain! (Said, of course, with a high-pitched voice and appropriate hand gesture.)

SC (Unknown)

I hope the other "good" letters start to write entries soon.

SC (Unknown)

And Huckabee jumps to the front of the pack...

Mike (Unknown)

He doesn't stand a chance in the national election. Moderate Republicans hate him as does everyone else. If he's elected I'll see you in Uruguay.



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