Sucking it the F* Up | 12/10/07

In the spirit of sucking it the f* up, I decided I was going to make my office more manageable by decluttering the web of cords. It took about two hours and lots of inappropriate language (brought you mostly by the letter S) but it got done. I apparently, many moons ago thought it a good idea to plug an additional power strip into each power strip coming out of the wall. I'm not sure why I would have done this is it's grossly unsafe and coupled with a Dyson-choking amount of dog fur I'm thankful I've been able to stay alive this long. As it turns out, I had nine things plugged in that weren't even connected to anything anymore. Now that the power strips are up on the desk I can safely unplug things at night in my continued effort to sucking it the f* up to save Mother Earth.

Since this will be the last entry on sucking it the f* up I'd like to present the Top Three 2007 Suck It The F* Up Champions.
1) Brian - Part of sucking it the f* up is not only doing things you don't want to do and doing them right, it's about just doing it and not making it into more than it is. For my dollar, no one sucks it the f* up more than Brian.

2) Chris Green - Arguably as motivated as Brian, Chris is always on top of things; especially things he doesn't want to do. It was a tough call between #1 and #2 but because Brian, in addition to sucking it the f* up, never complains about the volume of the work, he had to win #1.

3) Steve - Slightly less motivated than Chris and Brian, Steve can really suck it he f* up too. Unlike Chris and Brian, though, Steve makes it very well known when he is sucking it the f* up with Away Messages like "Vengeance Shall Be Mine".

Congratulations to our winners! Tomorrow we'll have dog pictures!


K-Chris (Unknown)

It's true...while I always end up doing things I don't want to do and participate in sucking it the f* up, I usually grumble about it quietly before and after.

Mike (Unknown)

There's no shame in #2. I really wanted to put myself on the list but I couldn't even suck it the f* up long enough to do the "Bottom 3".

SC (Unknown)

Wow, here I was thinking I would be happy to be number three, but I sound like a tool. I think my favorite error was in Brian's section: "it's about just doing it and not making it into MOTHER than it is."

Mike (Unknown)

I need to suck it the f* up and proofread. I picked one of your tame away messages too.

KBS (Unknown)

Hooray for the winners of the suck it the f* up contest. What about the winners of the christmas-list contest?

Mike (Unknown)

Oh yeah! I'll post those tomorrow.

BU (Unknown)

Haha, I had no idea that I was sucking it the f* up all this time.

Mike (Unknown)

That just goes to show you how well you suck it the f* up.



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