12 of 12 Coming Soon | 12/11/07

Ok, I'm not missing the 12 of 12 this month. I was thinking that since I didn't do the last two, this month could be the 36 of 12. There are only two problems with that--my life isn't really exciting enough to merit 36 pictures throughout my day, and it would take me a long time to edit 36 photos. I mean, you don't really think you see an unadulterated picture of my life do you? I photoshop out the brothel plaques and replace it with large Starbucks logos. If I can't come up with 36 actual pictures I guess I'll have to throw in a bunch more of Chompy and Abby. I'm sure you'll be disappointed having to look at my adorable dogs. I think Chris is coming over tonight for football so I'll have to document his 70 point blowouts over me...oh, or I can get an action shot where I'm spiking the controller into the ground--oh wait, that was last time.


KBS (Unknown)

Those are some drunk-looking pups!

Mike (Unknown)

They looked like mini-Chomps



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