12 of 12 | 12/12/07

6:50am: Good morning pups! I know you're tired Chomp, but if I don't go to work to earn money, I can't buy Ab new toy ducks.

7:10am: A morning wouldn't officially be underway without looking at Google Analytics while the dogs are outside.

7:30am: Oh Chompy, I've got some bad...oh, you're already in your crate.

7:35am: Off to Starbucks. By this time in the morning, Brian is taking his lunch break and Jamie has already been at the library for three hours.

8:00am: Thar she blows--it's my office. I opened the window for the picture to make it look less depressing.

11:00am: Since I also manage support, I have to continuously monitor how the underlings are doing on LiveChat.

2:00pm: If the 2pm-3pm window isn't the most grueling hour of the day I don't know what is.

5:30pm: Accidentally left my camera at work and had to go back and get it before I hit SBUX for the post-work Passion Tea.

6:30pm: Normally they don't like to eat so closely to each other but I needed the picture. My guitar is missing the D string and it really doesn't make a whole lot of difference.

8:30pm: Sound the feasting horn! Chris pays tribute in the hopes I do not beat him by 200 points.

9:00pm: I know that look. There is poop to be found.

10:30pm: I tried to capture each time Chris scored on the vaunted West Virginia defense but my camera gave up after like #400 on the night. Ugly. Just ugly.

BONUS #1: The first and last time I will ever look fat in a picture. Now I see why they tell people sweatshirts never look good. We also have some funny videos that I'll post next week from our Guitar Heroing.

BONUS #2: Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Look at me. I'm flipping Steggy up in my mouth and catching. Don't you want to fight me for it? I know you're busy losing to Texas but seriously, I'm really flipping this Steggy all over the place.

BONUS #3: Say Goodnight Abs!


T-Chris (Unknown)

In all fairness, you failed to mention that you beat me...no, check that...you whomped me soundly in the first game before I put on the Superman cape for the second game. Really, people, he's not nearly that bad and I'm not nearly that good. And let's not even talk about GH and GH2.

Jamie (Unknown)

That first picture made me laugh - poor chompy is always getting hit in the face with abby's tail. I miss you guys!

Mike (Unknown)

She was actually mid-yawn when I took the picture.

And that second game was a much bigger blowout than the first one. I could have just as easily been playing as the Killearn Lakes Elementary School JV team.

KBS (Unknown)

Chompy! Abby! Steggy! What a great 12 of 12. Dude, do you really hit Starbucks twice a day, every day? That's like 2 plane tickets a year.

SC (Unknown)

Nice pictures. Was there poop to be found?

Mike (Unknown)

I usually only have to pay for every 1/4 I get so it's like half a plane ticket every year...but yes I always hit it twice a day during the work-week.

No, there fortunately no poop to be found. She's taken to dragging my dirty clothes over it since she knows she's in trouble and when I saw all the displaced clothes and the look on her face I had to assume I'd be cleaning some up.



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