Christmas Shopping | 12/16/03

Today was dedicated almost exclusively to buying Christmas presents. My power went out this morning, much to my dismay. I survived, though and so did all the sweet fish. Chris and I went shopping today for six hours. That is a lot of shopping. Too much shopping. I got everything done except for three things, which I should be able to get easily tomorrow. I gave Jamie her presents today and she gave me the other half of mine, a boxed set of David Sedaris books on tape (CD). It won't arrive until after I leave so now my return back to Florida will be that much more exciting. I'll have to try extra hard not to listen to all 14 hours in a row but my god, I love David Sedaris. Right now I'm watching a new show on Comedy Central called Kid Notorious. It's pretty funny. It's no Family Guy or even The Simpsons but it's cute in its own little way. Ok, it just got weird. Real weird. And now even weirder. My plan tomorrow is to relax something fierce. Crazy fierce. I bought Chompy a Christmas toy today. It's a porcupine that makes a noise like The Ab when you squeeze it, so hopefully Chompy won't miss her too much while we're in Chicago. Although, Chompy did try to kill her tonight when The Ab startled her awake. Oh, the dogs.




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