List of Steriod Users | 12/13/07

Yesterday my blog hit a new high in visitors--338. It was because of the list of steroid users below. Like I told my brother last night, I now think Barry Bonds deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame but of course, with the *.

There were a lot of really crappy players on that list and since some of them were former Cubs, I can tell how first-hand how much they sucked. Steroids did nothing for them. The perfect example of this is Jerry Harriston, Jr. With the exception of hated Matt Murton, I can't think of a player who caused my stomach to turn more than Jerry Harriston. He was terrible at everything--he couldn't hit, he couldn't field and, making it worse, he phoned it in every day. Sure Ryan Theriot is a liability in the field and a weak hitter (at best) but he is bringing his A-Game every day. Yes, his A-Game is like a D-Game from Derek Lee but it's harder to dislike someone who is really busting his butt day and day out. Oh! I lied, I can think of someone who I hated as much as both Matt Murton and Jerry Harriston--Corey Patterson. My God Chompy, they are the trifecta of suck. The suckfecta, if you will. Anyway, despite his cheating, I think Bonds was still the second greatest player of my generation (after non-cheater) Greg Maddux.

Here's the list of steroid users from the Mitchell Report:

Lenny Dykstra
David Segui
Larry Bigbie
Brian Roberts
Jack Cust
Tim Laker
Josias Manzanillo
Todd Hundley
Mark Carreon
Hal Morris
Matt Franco
Rondell White
Roger Clemens
Andy Pettitte
Chuck Knoblauch
Jason Grimsley
Gregg Zaun
David Justice
F.P. Santangelo
Glenallen Hill
Mo Vaughn
Denny Neagle
Ron Villone
Ryan Franklin
Chris Donnels
Todd Williams
Phil Hiatt
Todd Pratt
Kevin Young
Mike Lansing
Cody McKay
Kent Mercker
Adam Piatt
Miguel Tejada
Jason Christiansen
Mike Stanton
Stephen Randolph
Jerry Hairston, Jr.
Paul Lo Duca
Adam Riggs
Bart Miadich
Fernando Vina
Kevin Brown
Eric Gagné
Mike Bell
Matt Herges
Gary Bennett, Jr.
Jim Parque
Brendan Donnelly
Chad Allen
Jeff Williams
Howie Clark
Exavier "Nook" Logan


Tree (Unknown)

That list seems a bit short. You might want to update that. Yahoo has a nice alphabetical list:

P-Chris (Unknown)

My favorite Jeff Foxworthy joke ever: "Baby have i told you lately you're as purty as greg Maddux?"

Tree (Unknown)

To say steroids did nothing is blasphemy. Not everyone who takes steroids turns into Barry Bonds. Those steroids in those crappy players is what kept them in the big leagues. Steroids allowed them to train harder and longer, and therefore improve. Steroids added an m.p.h. or two on their fastball. Steroids added points to batting averages... hits that would had been outs zipped a little faster into the outfield. And 'no' to Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame. He was a HOFer before he decided to be an asshole and cheat - therefore he should pay for those consequences. There's never been an asterisk in the records and there probably never will be. I noticed your list is still incomplete.



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