Weekend Warrior | 12/16/07

On Saturday I braved the cold and headed out to the RD Christmas Party at Compound V. Even though I haven't worked there since February I still feel like I work there more than I do at my new job. My new job is fine but while I get along with everyone, there are no kindred souls--or even "clickable" people. I made Oreo Cheesecake and everyone appeared to have a good time chowing it down. V's house was beautiful and it was cool to finally see behind the gate. After I peaced out, Ian (Ian!) came over for a couple games of football before we settled into an updated version of a game from elementary school: Streetfighter. Ian was like 400x better than me since apparently the muscle memory for shooting flames in Street Fighter has been replaced in my brain with shooting flames in real life with Kempo. Ian: I have your umbrella.

I spent quite literally all day cleaning on Sunday and I'm actually pretty close to being done. The only real breaks I took were to picky up Ricky's Dyson and to pick up Jamie from the airport. That Dyson is incredible. I thought maybe it was a fluke last time since it only did a couple passes of the living room and the upstairs but this time I did everywhere except my bedroom (that'll be today) and it annihilated the dog fur. My house looks like someone else lives there it's so clean. Once I finish up the laundry I'll be ready for my week off. Steve: I played as WIU just for you.


SC (Unknown)

So you lost, just like me.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah right. I don't lose.



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