Long/Short Week | 12/17/07

Last night Jamie made us some delicious steaks and potatoes. I left work about 15 minutes early and hit up Fresh Market for some fillets and sea bass. It was decided that last night would be the fillets. After dinner I introduced Jamie to Guitar Hero but she didn't go crazy for it, which was too bad since I was hoping we'd play for at least a couple hours. Instead we watched the Bears game right before half-time but since the Bears had just returned an intercepted touchdown for a score at it was like 13-3 we moved on to watching some show on the Food Channel about how they make sour candies. I knew that there was a lot of sugar in them but seriously the recipe has to have at least six consecutive sugars in there.

Because Kathy needs to know the winners of the One-Result-In-Google contest, here are the winners: Christine (my former co-worker at RD) who supplied "duckytop". My mom submitted four winners--the only one that still has a single result is "frankcatan" but since the engines will likely spider this today we've now eliminated those off the ever-shrinking list. So now send me some Christmas lists and I'll get to buying.


KBS (Unknown)

Finally! Thanks for posting.



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