I'm Back | 12/28/07

I'm back from Chicago and I know you're totally excited to see all my pictures. Unfortunately, I only took one with my regular camera (Steve playing The Devil Went Down To Georgia on Guitar Hero) and the rest are of Chompy The Travelin' Dog.

It really only snowed in Chicago yesterday, well after my dad and I left for Florida. It poured rain most of the trip which added four hours to the return trip. We obviously made it and Chompy is happy to be sleeping on a couch again.

Steve and I played a lot of GH and he was, as expected, a lot better than me. We also played a lot of football and I was, as expected, a lot better than him. I didn't beat him by 100 as I predicted but then again I didn't unleash the triple option but once to show him the power of it.

My mom sent me this picture. It looks like Chompy contributed the mouth. If you know what I'm saying. And I think you do.


KBS (Unknown)


sunshine (Unknown)

I like it!



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