Obama? | 01/03/08

That wacky Barack Obama is at it again--pulling in Iowa by a surprising margin last night. While Jamie and I were in Nashville we heard him speak with Tim Russert on MSNBC and he (Obama, not Russert) sounded pretty good (Russert sounded like the moron he is). He's a brief recap of the interview:
Russert: Now Barack, it has been reported several times--including the Washington Post--that you've said these words "I hate black people". How do you respond to that?
Obama: Look, I might have said those words but I certainly didn't say them in the same sentence, let alone in that order.
Russert: So what you're saying to me and the American people is that you have indeed said "I hate black people".
Obama: Look, there are only so many words in the English language and since all of those, individually, are common, it would not surprise me to find out I have uttered each of them at one time or another but as I just said, I have never said "I hate black people" because that's simply untrue...and I'm black.

I hate the news.


Jamie (Unknown)

RUSSERT: Now Obama, there has been lots of talk about you banging Hillary Clinton.

OBAMA: Tim, I don't have any idea who would have started such a rumor, but it's simply untrue.

RUSSERT: Well, we have a video clip I'd like you to see - it's from a speech you gave in Iowa, and it clearly indicates that you could be banging Hillary.

CLIP: "I Like Hillary"

RUSSERT: Obama, clearly these words indicate that you are having passionate sex with Hillary.

OBAMA: Tim, I remember giving that speech and I was saying that I like and respect Hillary as a person but not as the next president of the US.

RUSSERT: So you're saying that you think she is not a suitable leader, that she's incompetent. America, you've heard it first here, Obama believes that Hillary is no smarter than an ant.

OBAMA: No Tim, I did not say that Hillary is incompetent and no smarter than an ant...that's not what I said.

RUSSERT: America, we have a direct quote, spoken here on our set just minutes ago by Senator Obama..."Hillary is incompetent and no smarter than an ant."



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