What Do You Do? | 01/06/08

This weekend I worked a lot on my new site: carsite. It's not actually called carsite but that's what I've been calling it. Carsite is nearly ready for beta testing (within the month hopefully) and I'm hoping that I can drum up some interest for testers when that time comes. The only thing really holding me back at this point is that I'm not sure how to do searches by zip code--if someone says "within 25 miles of 32303" how I know what zip codes are within that range. So I ask you, my fellow nerds (Brian, Ricky, Sunshine) if you know how to do this because I certainly don't and trying to ask Google how to do it yields nothing because apparently queries along the line of "search by zipcode" means something totally different. I'm really beginning to enjoy AJAX and if I had more Uriesque motivation I can think of a lot of things I could do with for this blog.

For whatever skills I have in programming, I have none in Photoshop. If for no other reason I was impressed that Sunshine was able to fix up one of my vacation pictures. Check it out: before / after. All hail the Photoshop master! (Even if I do look old and tired now that you can see my face.)


Mike (Unknown)

Oh yeah--here is the entry from three years ago that has the single-most disturbing picture in the history of the world.

Jamie (Unknown)

That was 3 years ago! Holy crap, time flies. And good work Sunshine...impressive on the picture!

Sunshine (Unknown)

thanks jamie... I pull out then photoshop skills when I want to impress hotties at parties... :) I've never done a zip code search before but I think you have to get a database of zipcodes to lat/long that you search against... census type info. I would imagine you could find a decent one for free, especially with competitive webhosts and google maps but this guy thinks you should pay for a solution. But if you're going to pay there are probably just plug-ins that already do the work. Oh and my google search term was "create a web based zipcode search" with no quotes

Mike (Unknown)

Killer. You rule. If you want, you can rulez too.

BU (Unknown)

Also, "5 miles from 33240" probably gets translated into "5 miles from the calculated or guessed central point of the 33240 area". In this way, the search is really just doing a search in a big circle, and it doesn't necessarily matter what other zip codes are nearby.

Mike (Unknown)

Even that would help thought--I really could care less if it over-included some areas as long as things roughly in Miami showed as up as near Miami and things from Raleigh weren't sneaking in there.



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