2007 NCAA Football Recap | 01/07/08

Ok, if you want to skip this football entry and jump straight to my 2007 Christmas pictures go right ahead. Onto the meat. Now that LSU is the BCS Champion, I am ready to share my thoughts on the season. Since I am the back-to-back Pick 'Em Champion, you must listen to me. First of all, anyone who says the PAC10 is better than or even close to as good as the SEC is retarded. Although I don't root for any SEC teams, I do believe they are hands-down the best conference and FSU would probably go 4-8 there. The ACC is not the worst conference but only because the Big Ten is so bad. FSU could have easily lost last night's game by the same score. For the second year in a row, the Big Ten showed they are an anemic conference with no elite teams. Yes, Ohio State is a good team...but FSU is a good team too. Neither are great, let alone elite but when you play in the Big Ten you've got no one to beat up on you. I laughed out loud last night when Kirk Herbstreit said college fans thought the Big Ten was worse than Conference USA and the MAC. He said he didn't agree with them but it seems plausible to me.

On to FSU. The only thing FSU has to look forward to is another 7-5 season and another visit to the Tidy Bowl to play Directional State University. If there's any bright side, it's that there's not a lot of guys graduating leaving for the NFL. FSU is going to be very average/good for a while. At least FSU fans, while unhappy, admit their (our) team sucks when they do--there is nothing worse than blind fannage. Anyway, I know Bobby said they were "one player" away from a great team but I don't know who that one player could possible be (unless he is the size of an entire o-line). I guess another bright spot is that Drew Weatherford is now the only quarterback and while he's not great at least he's consistently good when he gets protection. Yeah, that's some slim pickings for bright spots.


T-Chris (Unknown)

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