Secret Day | 01/08/08

Today is Secret Day! Please use the form below to submit your name and a real life secret (nothing too traumatic please) about you. On Thursday I will take all the secrets and all the people that submitted and you can attempt to pair people up with their secret. I wanted to make the blog more interactive this year so here's the first one.

Your Name:

Your Secret:

Last night Ricky and I went out to dinner and then he showed me the wackiest game I've ever seen--Portal. My brain hurt so badly by the end that I had no choice but to go home and go right to sleep. Man, that is a wacky game right there, I tell you what (trying to get my southernisms in while I still can).

(P)update: Ok, I need to stop the comment form from colliding with with the secret form--if you sent me one, I didn't get it. I'll have to fix it later. Sorry.

(P)update II: No, I'm stupid. The emails were just going to my phone instead of to my inbox.




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