More Secrets | 01/09/08

Thanks to everyone who posted (mostly lame) secrets about themselves yesterday. If have not posted a secret about yourself, we really need about five more so go look at yesterday's entry and post one. If you need help coming up with one, here are some questions to get you started: Did you miss something significant in your life that most people got to experience? What's the meanest thing you did to someone before the age of 15? Are you scared of something weird?

I've been tearing up the new Guitar Hero games I got for Christmas but unfortunately I have yet to beat them. I stupidly started them all on Expert and both Rock of The 80's and GHIII are sitting on the last level with at least one song remaining that is just unplayable. In Rock of the 80's, I am stuck on Electric Eye by Judas Priest and I know damn well I'm not going to be able to be Extreme's (the "end boss") Play With Me since I've seen videos of it YouTube and know it's waaaay out of my league on Expert. On GH3 I can't play any of the songs in the last set and when I say I can't play them I mean it--I can't get more than a quarter of the way through any of them except Metallica's One where I always die at 98%. I really would like to at least try to play The Devil Went Down to Georgia but I don't think I'll be able to beat all four of these songs to unlock it. It's still fun to lose though and, unless you're Ricky, I can probably beat you and that makes me feel like a big, tough man.




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