Last Day For Secrets | 01/10/08

Ok, if you have not submitted a secret yet, today is your last day--go back two entries and fill out that form. Thanks.

I may or may not have received a secret from third-grade teacher--I guess it depends on how much faith you have that people are who they say they are online. Regardless, thinking back to third grade I really don't have many happy memories but that's not to say there were none. It's strikingly funny to me how childhood "trauma" (I use the word loosely) is never readily forgotten. I think I've sat around with just about everyone I know and gone on about the hilarious-now-that-I'm-almost-30 stories. I was always very small (not that 6'0", 160 is exactly beefy now) so most of my memories are of getting picked on and while I certainly don't wish any harm on anyone for it now, it's strange to me to think they would have no recollection of it. Conversely, thinking back to when I was teaching at FSU, did I inadvertently traumatize some of my students? I'm pretty sure saying "shut the f* up or get the f* out" to a particular student was the most scarring thing I ever said but I would have to suspect that I wouldn't remember the most searing things. Anyway, if you were in fact my third grade teacher, thanks for teaching and I'm sorry my memories are not fond ones--I think you just wanted me not to be a slob anymore and I can appreciate that now. Seriously, thank you for teaching; it's the most valuable job in the world.




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