Weekend 12 of 12! | 01/12/08

8:15am: Good morning dogs! I've got some bad news--it's crate time. Please ignore the severely neglected fish tank in the background and pay extra notice to the never-neglected dogs.

9:30am: I normally go out to breakfast by myself on Saturday mornings. There's a little diner by my house and while they don't have my order memorized yet, it's still pretty darn good.

10:00am: Waiting in the Starbucks line. I was hoping Jennifer would be working so I could ask her to take a picture of my receiving the coffee but she wasn't working. Some straight dude was working and that's a recipe for disaster (and nasty coffee)

10:00am: To add insult to injury, this guy actually made me pay for the coffee. Where are the girls/guys that love me and show me their affections with free beverages?

12:00pm: Time for the yearly registering of domain names--not sure if you can make it out but it says $804. This is the first year I've been able to buy the domains for more than the next year, so rest assured you'll be getting plenty o' red zeppelin at least until 2010.

1:00pm: Oh Chompy, why are your ears back? I know *you* wouldn't do anything wrong...

1:20pm: Here is me all prepped to clean up Abby's crap off my bedroom floor. Rest assured it was not the "Hey Food Guy, I'm feeling great so I left some neat clumps for you" kind.

1:30pm: Like your sheep is going to appease me. Riiight.

4:00pm: Watching Green Bay stick it the Seahawks. Go Packers! Take that Rex Grossman!

8:00pm: Finally finished my shopping at Target. I was stuck behind an entire branch of the Redneck family tree. Sorry sir, Target does not offer taxidermy.

8:30pm: After surviving the Deliverance experience for what has to be the billionth time in seven years here, I decide to give Starbucks another chance to give me a free coffee. Score! It's Matt and Megan and that means free, delicious coffee.

10:00pm: Negotiating a deal for a new domain. Prices were being thrown around in the 25k range but fortunately I was able to work it out for much, much less in exchange for parting with some of other sites (not this one).

Happy 12 of 12! Check out Brian's and Kathy's. If you get bored with theirs look over mine again and then check out the original 12 of 12.


Jamie (Unknown)

Brian - I'm glad you're aware of the joys of jumbo slice...mmm!

BU (Unknown)

It was pretty good but not amazing. Too greasy though -- it would have been more useful had I been the Tin Man and lacking an oil can.

Tree (Unknown)

Why does it always have to be about Rex Grossman?

KBS (Unknown)

Your car clock clearly says 10:31 on the Starbucks receipt photo, though you claim it was 10:00am. Also - Starbucks twice in one day??! A month of that is equivilent to a plane ticket to DC, unless you get free coffee as much as you say you do. Cut back, man!

Mike (Unknown)

I always just take my best guess at the times. I usually have SBUX twice a day and on the whole I probably actually pay for maybe three or four a week. Score!

Jamie (Unknown)

Yes, Jumbo Slice is quite greasy. I think that's why their business focuses almost solely on drunk folks each night. It's probably rare to see anyone there during the day :)



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