Happy Birthday Chris | 01/14/08

Happy 27th birthday Chris Green! You're still a young pup but nonetheless formally welcomed into the "Late 20's" group. We'll miss you and Miker in Tallahassee over Spring Break this year but I guess there's really no one still left here except T-Chris and Ricky anyway. Whatever, happy birthday!

I posted my 12 of 12 from over the weekend and I'm done writing the Guess The Secret Challenge for posting on Wednesday morning. I know you're all very excited to play and guess the lame secrets of your friends. If you STILL have yet to submit a secret you have about 24 hours to post one here. I spent my entire evening making backups of all my sites. What a hassle. I wish I knew whatever language would let me write something that would do all that for me automatically every day. I only do it twice a month because it takes a good eight hours to do it all.

Confidential to LB--if you send me a feedback here, I can send a proper reply. I believe you're you now.




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